Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Four weeks and counting...

We leave for China 4 weeks from today.

A combination of excitement and nervousness/anxiety has set in.

As far as our planning goes, I have worked an awful lot on our budget, as it is extremely tight.  I have now added the Chinese and Japanese exchange rates, and sectioned out what I will need, and where.

At this point, our trip into Tokyo (from Narita) is likely to be cut.  It is sad but true.  This is disappointing, but I'm more ok with it than I thought I'd be.

Now that we have our passports and travel visas, the only "official" document left to prepare is Hubby's permission for us to travel abroad without him.  Then, all the official stuff will be done and I can stop having nightmares about leaving and having forgotten to prepare these all too important documents!

We've also started to pack.  We have a bin where we put anything and everything that we want or need to bring with us, so that we don't forget them.

It's coming so quickly...  but at the same time, still feels so far away...

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